Tercer Acto GastroBar
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Prologue. Appetizers

  • Chestnut-fed Iberian ham
  • Cured sheep´s milk cheese from Valle de los Pedroches (Córdoba)
  • ‘Ensaladilla rusa’: cold potato salad with mayonnaise and Málaga shrimp
  • Sea scallops au gratin over assorted wild mushrooms
  • Rocket salad with Burrata mozzarella, pesto and pistachios
  • Almadraba-caught red tuna tartare with creamy garlic and basil mayonnaise over a crun chy cristal bread
  • Tartare of sea bass, fried egg and truffle
  • Lemon fish Tiradito (peruvian-style raw fish served with spicy and tart sauce)
  • Bass ceviche with mango and coconut milk
  • Sashimi: Salmon, tuna and amberjack (4 pieces of each)
  • Crispy King Prawns with Kimchi Mayonnaise
  • Faraján pork gyozas with shitake mushrooms (6 pieces)
  • Seasonal garden artichokes fried in tempura
  • Juicy truffled omelette
  • Gillardeau raw oyster
  • Gillardeau raw oyster in tempura
  • 00 anchovie on “cristal bread” and tomato concassé

Act I. Sushi

  • Niki Avocado roll covered with salmon, payoyo (goat) cheese and passion fruit
  • Ebi Tempura Prawn futomaki in tempura, cucumber, avocado covered with salmon and spicy mayonnaise
  • California roll Avocado maki covered with crabmeat, red fish roe with tempura flakes
  • Kimchi roll Salmon and sparagus maki in tempura with spicy mayonaise.
  • Tuna in tempura with spicy mayonaise Red tuna maki in tempura with spicy mayonaise
  • Málaga Virgen Avocado roll covered with tuna and caramelized foie gras, PX (Pedro Ximenez sweet wine) teriyaki and pecans
  • Soho Aspargus and salmon maki covered with flame-sea-red (Aburi) sirloin beef, Japanese barbeque sauce and crispy seaweed
  • Truffled beef sirloin Salmon and avocado roll covered with beef sirloin and fame-seared foie gras with black truffle puré
  • Traditional red tuna nigiri
  • Traditional sea scallop nigiri
  • Traditional lemon fish nigiri
  • Iberian from Faraján (Málaga) Tuna nigiri with essence of cured chesnut-raised Iberian ham
  • Surf and Turf Scallop, foie and truffle nigiri
  • Sake Flame-seared salmon and avocado nigiri
  • Spicy beef sirloin Flame-seared beef sirl oin nigiri with spicy sauce
  • Soho Lemon fish n igiri with truffl ed fried egg

Act II. Meats

  • Oxtail miniburger
  • Oxtail cannelloni au jus
  • Chesnut-fed Iberian top sirloin with mustard sauce
  • Grilled chesnut-fed Iberian Presa (Pok shoulder)
  • Beef fillet with foie and PX Málaga wine sauce

Act III. Fish

  • Grilled octopus.
  • Almadraba-caught red tuna tataki
  • Sea bass with asesame and pistachio crust and an apple “Ajoblanco” (Almond & Garl ic sauce)
  • Large red sea prawns (c arabineros) with toasted angel hair noodles
  • Pil-pil codfish loin

Epilogue. Desserts

  • Jasmine Creme Brûlée, Chocolate Streusel, Raspberries and Violets.
  • Chocolate Textures.
  • Payoyo Goat-Cheese Mousse, Quince Jelly and Thyme Ice Cream.
  • Baked Apple, prepared our way.
  • Spiced Mango Sorbet and Yogurt.