Tercer Acto GastroBar
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Prologue. Appetisers

  • Cured Iberian Ham, raised on Chestnuts in the Genal Valley.
  • Cheese Assortment.
  • ‘Ensaladilla rusa’. Potato & Mayo Salad with Chopped Seafood and Crispy Onion.
  • Lobster Salad with Wakame, Mango, Raspberries and a Sea Urchin and Orange Mousseline Sauce.
  • Bulgur Wheat Salad with Dried Fruit & Nuts, Fire-Roasted Aubergine and Goat Milk Yogurt Mousse.
  • Stew of Pig’s Trotter, Snout in Mint and a Crispy Fried Egg.
  • Croquettes of Best ‘Bellota’ Cured Ham and Chicken with a ‘Romescu’ Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce.
  • Brazed Octopus with Seaweed Dressing, Crunchy Nori and Trout Roe.
  • ‘Papas muy bravas’. Fried Potato Pieces with an Especially Tangy Tomato Sauce.
  • Micuit Foie Gras with Mango & Cherry Gel and Fruit Loaf.
  • Steak tartare

Act I. Sushi

  • Ebi Tempura Futomaki with Avocado, Cucumber, Ikura Salmon Roe and Kimchi Mayo.
  • Avocado Uramaki covered with Sea Bass, Tuna and Salmon with Tobiko Roe.
  • Avocado Uramaki covered with Salmon, Tangy Lime Sauce and Japanese Rice Pearls.
  • Tuna Futomaki with Avocado, Sea Bass Tartare and Truffle.
  • Avocado and Tuna Uramaki covered in Caramelised Foie, Pedro Ximénez Wine Teriyaki and Cantonese-Style Pecan.
  • Crispy King Prawns with Kimchi Mayonnaise.
  • Tuna Tartare with Best Back Loin and Belly Meat.

Act II. Meats

  • Beefburger with Brie, Smoked Bacon, Sweet Onion and a Curry Sauce.
  • ‘Canelon’ Crispy Tube with ‘Ropa Vieja’ Shredded Mixed Meats and a Truffle Velouté Sauce.
  • ‘Cañon de Espaldilla’, Best Beef Shoulder-Steak, at 80º with a Court-Brouillon Stock and Duck Liver Purée.
  • Slow-Cooked Duck Magret with Celery Root Pickle and a Red Berry Sauce.
  • Acorn-Reared ‘Bellota’ Tenderloin Pork with Seasonal Rustic Mushrooms and Perigord Sauce.
  • Fines-Herbes Encrusted Beef Sirloin with Creamed Peas and Green Almonds and a Cumberland Sauce.

Act III. Fish

  • Salmon at 43º with Mandarine.
  • Wild Sea Bass with Sesame and Pistachio Crust and an ‘Ajoblanco’ Muscatel, Almond & Garlic Sauce.
  • Bluefin Tuna in a Citrus Marinade.

Epilogue. Desserts

  • Jasmine Creme Brûlée, Chocolate Streusel, Raspberries and Violets.
  • Chocolate Textures.
  • Payoyo Goat-Cheese Mousse, Quince Jelly and Thyme Ice Cream.
  • Baked Apple, prepared our way.
  • Spiced Mango Sorbet and Yogurt.