Tercer Acto GastroBar
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Gastronomy & cheers.

Theater is one the closest experiences to life,
and eating is one of the closest experiences to theater:
appetizers, first act, second act...
and then the third act, where you, full of joy,
give your applause feeling most satisfied within yourself.

Traditional cuisine - Japanese gastronomy - Cocktail bar

The most important moments in life, after being born and loving, are the moments we seat to eat.

Tercer Acto is more a moment than a place, a moment that allows us to submerge into a relaxation state to enjoy all senses, whether it is through a subtle Japanese traditional dish or with a reinvented local recipe. Pair it with an amazing cocktail for the ultimate cheer!

You are the star here.

And your feeling of choice. Either the spark from a meal among friends in a high table or the intimacy of a romantic date in the heat of the glowing marble or even a bussiness lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.

Room - Bar - VIP area


Tercer Acto is a flexibe space where openings, private events or even a crowded but intimate meeting in a vip zone can take place.

Coming soon